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HOSTASTICK is a finally here!

10/17/2010 13:34

Cheap Hosting DemonCheap hosting has its problems. Even though we were using one of the finest services in the country, customers were beginning to have problems associated with the clientelle of the shared server. Something had to be done. Hackers also have made it into our old server. The server team is unable to stop the malware and the blacklisting. We are spending most of our days fixing the problems with the server instead of forward progress on websites. Many customers are still not effected by this but for how long?

This server is just for us. No other sites on the server but us. No more shared IP. It is clean and super secure. Our security training is complete. The server speeds are only slowed by your connection to the Internet. Hosastick is a server box by itself using its own IP set and now finally we can set up SSL for e-commerce without sharing SSL.

We never really needed to charge for hosting it was so cheap in the past. This dedicated server is considerably more expensive and we cannot offer $0.99 hosting. We are presently asking $15 per month because the number of customers is small and always will be. We hope enough of you come to this new service. Hopefully you can help lower the monthly charge soon. All it will take is you and the majority of our existing customers to come to the new server service and we will lower the price. Today we are just trying to break even. We are happy and proud to announce open for business.

Hostastick Hosting

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