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Standard Hosting Account
This is the absolute the finest hosting available. With all of the pitfalls and problems I have had with cutting corners on price, I finally went and created what all of my clients needed. This hosting is more expensive but dramatically better in every way. This is a server that will be exclusively for my small circle of customers and the benefits will be many. Please help me by making this service pay for itself. The more customers the lower the monthly price in the future. I promise.
$165.00 USD Annually

e-commerce hosting
If you want to add e-commerce to your site I am going to have to give you an IP of your own. Then you can have truly secure transactions using the SSL certificate of your choosing. Please allow us to consult with you on SSL options. Become one of four possible stores I will allow on this server (beyond the one you are using now).
$500.00 USD Annually

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